Hiking Tips

Tips for Navigating Like a Boss: By Caro 'Lotsafreshair' Ryan, Who Wrote The Book on Navigation
‘Ah ma gawd! I know right. Can you believe it? When he told me I was blown away. Did you hear about the cave they ended up having to stay in? No? Well, it was just… wait. Hang on. Shouldn’t...
Why Wear Merino Wool Socks
The main benefits of merino wool obviously apply to merino wool socks too. But this short blog is going to talk about those merino wool advantages in the context of socks in particular.  So, here’s the main reasons why you...
Tips for Hiking the Overland Track: From Someone That’s Hiked it 6 Times
Words by Matt McClelland The Overland Track is one of those must-do hikes for many good reasons. The track is about 80km long traversing an alpine plateau from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair in the heart of Tasmania. The...
Review - One Planet Zipless Daypack

We've been wearing the Australian made One Planet Zipless for a few months now and it's got to be the best day pack we've worn. In this review we share with you why this pack ticks the boxes for not only day hikes, but as an everyday 'utility' bag, and even for the odd overnight hike. 

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4 Random Hiking Food Tips For Your Next Overnight or Multiday Hike
We turned to a few well-known and knowledgeable hikers in the Australian hiking community and had a yarn with them about what their top hiking food tips are for overnight and multi-day hikes. 

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Why Does Merino Wool Get Holes? 3 Reasons Your Merino Get Holes & How to Prevent Them

How frustrating. You've paid all this money for a merino tee or merino undies and you've sprung a hole. But how? We explain here the main causes of holes in merino wool clothing and how to prevent them from happening. 

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A Guidebook Writer’s Top 8 Tips For Hiking The Great Ocean Walk

Who better than to give a few tips on hiking The Great Ocean Walk on Victoria's South-West Coast than the person who wrote the guidebook on the hike! Julie Mundy shares her top tips for enjoying the 'GOW', as it's commonly called. 

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Our Long Sleeve Merino T-Shirt: The Perfect Choice for Both Winter and Summer Hiking

Did you know a long sleeve merino t-shirt is the perfect choice for hiking in summer as well as the cooler months? In this blog we go over the benefits of wearing long sleeves when hiking in Australia. 

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What Clothing To Wear on a Day Hike

At the very least, dressing correctly for a day hike will make for a more enjoyable trip. At most, it could save your life! Bold statement? Well it's true. We discuss what you must wear and carry on a day hike as well as a few nice-to-haves.

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The Complete Guide to Storing & Caring For Merino Wool Clothing

Looked after, your merino wool will last you ages. Here is our advice for keeping your merino in great nick and for storing it away from critters.

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