100% Aussie Merino Wool

Our wool comes from happy sheep that spend their days grazing on pasture across New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia.

Our wool is traceable and 100% mulesing-free.

Look at those fibres!

Image Credit: Haddon Rig

When we started out and just had the short sleeve merino tee and long sleeve merino tee we were 100% merino wool—we didn't have any blends. However, now that we have moved into merino wool underwear we really appreciate the benefit of the smart use of blending. For example, pure merino wool undies just aren't going to perform—through our testing, and the feedback from our customers, you're likely to be up against durability issues, lack of stretch, and overall miserable performance. 

Our fabrics are pure merino and are tested to the Woolmark testing standards. Unfortunately, processing and spinning still has to take place overseas as there isn't much of an industry for it in Australia anymore, but knitting and dying takes place here in Australia (in Melbourne, just like our t-shirts) following environmentally friendly practices.