Q&A - Where Does The Name 'Ottie Merino' Come From?

Question: Where does the name 'Ottie Merino' come from? 

Answer: We get asked this all the time. "What's an Ottie?" or "What's Ottie short for?" and "Why Ottie?"

Well, it's a pretty straightforward story, really. 

One of the granddaddies of merino wool in Australia was a chap by the name of Otway Rothwell Falkiner. (What a regal name!) His mates called him Ottie. Hence, Ottie.

The name sort of ties the brand back to the early days of merino wool in Australia. After all, Australia grows some of the best merino wool in the world.

We like it. We think it works. What do you think? 

As you know we're a very Australian merino clothing brand. Our wool comes from Aussie sheep, our fabric is knitted and dyed in Australia, our product is made in Australia, we're Australian Made certified, and of course, we're Aussie owned.

By the way, we reached out to the Falkiner family before we launched Ottie Merino and they thought it was pretty cool that we had incorporated their distant relative's nickname into our name. They're still in the merino industry and are just happy to see merino wool being showcased.