We set out to make the best merino wool t-shirts.

One of the founders (Paul, the bloke writing this) has been hiking for 20 years and wearing merino for almost 10. That's a lot of merino and a lot of disappointment with what's on the market. So, we set out to make the 'perfect' merino t-shirt. The perfect merino t-shirt that was also made in Australia.


Paul, the boss, looking satisfied with himself at the top of Mt Stirling in the Australian Alps. Wearing a Men's M Otway Fern.

What goes into the 'perfect' merino tee? Well, we turned to the awesome community over at Hiking in Australia & New Zealand and asked the question. Over the space of 6 months we did a lot of testing and learning that resulted in a men's and women's tee that addresses a lot of the 'wants' we gleaned from the group.

A lot of hikers said most t-shirts are too short. They're a pain to wear with a backpack as they ride up, and good luck tucking in under your fleece or jacket. We created a merino t-shirt that's a bit longer, so you don't have to go around showing your middle bits.

Then there was fit. Yeah, some folk feel comfortable in clothing that fits close to the skin but a lot of folk don't. Most merino tops on the market are quite 'athletic' in their cut. Maybe okay when you're on the track and want that 'base layer' situation but what if you want to pair your tee with a pair of jeans at the end of the trip. We addressed that with our 'relaxed fit'. We started with a short sleeve and now have a long sleeve too. 

And, a big bit of feedback we got from women was the lack of options that don't have a gaping scoop neck opening (not great for sun protection), piddly little sleeves, and the fact that women's hiking clothing always tends to come in 'feminine' colours. Our women's merino t-shirts have regular sleeves, a standard crew neck, and come in the same colours as our men's merino wool tops

Bit of an update in March 2022—we've added men's merino boxer shorts and women's merino briefs to the range, and thermal tops and bottoms will be available soon. 

Yikes, this 'about us' page has become War and Peace. We'll leave it there. That's a bit of a rundown on who we are. We're Australian made, Australian owned, use 100% Australian merino wool, and have designed a tee by listening to Australian (and a few New Zealand) hikers. And, what's more, we're one of the most highly rated merino wool brands in the world

"Best tee shirts I have ever worn, lucky I bought two as I always wear one. And the other nice thing “Made in Australia”, thank you Ottie I will be back for more." ~ Rowena M
"The long sleeve shirt is great. Prompt service. I also gave a couple of the short sleeve tees and they are fantastic. Highly recommended!!" ~ Chris B
"Softest well fitted merino undies for women! So happy with the full brief with stretchy bands to make for extra comfort, so impressed with my new pair of adventure undies!!!" ~ Lisa M 
"Got the tees to make team shirts for a boys mountain biking trip and they were rad. Warm when they needed to be, comfy soaked in sweat, quick to dry, and held shape. Great work guys you clearly care a lot, and it shows. I don’t know if you can do emojis here so just imagine the perfect sign." ~ Hamish Blake (yep, the Hamish Blake... here's a pic from Hamish's boys mountain biking trip down in Tassie)

Check out our merino wool t-shirts here. Oh, and can't forget the merino undies