Q&A - Why Are Your T-Shirts So Expensive?

Question: Why are your merino t-shirts so expensive?

Answer: They're not.

We receive this question quite a bit by email and in the comments on our Facebook and Instagram posts.

"Why are your t-shirts so expensive?" 

"$100 for a top? Tell 'im he's dreamin'!" 

"I can buy merino from Al... a certain German supermarket chain for like $30?"

But, the truth is, our prices are really quite reasonable for what you get.

1. You Can't Compare Apples With Oranges

You can't compare a premium, superfine merino t-shirt that's ethically made in Australia to some cotton fast-fashion option. Cotton is a much cheaper fabric. And products made overseas are usually much cheaper than those made in Australia. Compare our tops to other merino tops on the market and that's when you start to realise that our price is pretty decent. 

You can pay anywhere up to $120 for a merino t-shirt and very few are made in Australia. We think $100 for an Australian merino wool short sleeve t-shirt is pretty good. As do our thousands of customers. 

Merino may be more expensive than cotton, but merino wool has many benefits. And, people will pay a premium for these benefits. 

2. Our Price is Representative of the Cost of Doing Business

Our 100% merino wool jersey fabric is grown, knitted, and dyed in Australia. As a business we’re Ethical Clothing Australia accredited—no sweat shops, our makers are paid and treated well. We are an Australian owned and operated business. 

Doing business this way, as you can appreciate, is more expensive. Our price allows us to cover the cost of doing business this way, while delivering a small profit at the other end so we can continue doing our thing and making more and more wonderful merino products here in Australia. 

There are no mansions or yachts on our horizon, don't you worry. Our accountant will back us up on this! 😂

3. We Don't Play Those Boring Retail Games

You know how it goes. Set retail price at $110. Run 30% off sales 9 out of 12 months of the year. Yawn. Boring. 

We prefer to be upfront and transparent. What you see is what you get. Our $100 price is our every day price. Sure, we might run the odd flash sale or free shipping offer (if you buy 2 or more you get free shipping every day of the week) but for the most part this is our regular price, and it's not far off the discounted price of some of our competitors. 


Hope that clears things up. $100 for an Australian made merino t-shirt? You betcha.