Why Don't You Do X Product?

We get asked all the time…

“I’d love a scoop neck. Why don’t you do a scoop neck?”

“Relaxed fit? Too baggy. Can you do a more athletic cut, pretty please?"

"When's the v-neck coming?"

“Is it too much to ask for a long sleeve? Sheesh.” 

You get the drift. 

Indeed, our range is pretty basic at the moment: a women’s and men’s short sleeve crew neck. But, that’s intentional and realistic. 

We started with this style as it seemed to be underserved on the market. We had an idea, hikers validated it, so we made it. It was about being realistic too. Starting a business is risky enough, let alone starting one in the middle of a pandemic. We couldn’t be everything to everybody. We had to start in a calculated manner without exposing ourselves to unnecessary risk. If we wanted to be around in a year's time we needed to think sustainably. 

So, we started with the relaxed fit and it’s been a hit. The sort of tee many hikers—and non-hikers—were looking for. And, of course, the fact that we manufacture in Australia was a big plus for many. 

It’s been our intention all along to expand the range. Next off the rank will be a relaxed long sleeve. Why? Because it’s what we’re getting most requests for. I’m talking a couple of comments, messages, or emails a day. I even received a phone call once from a keen hiker down Warrnambool way pleading with me to make a long sleeve. People want something for winter. A base layer. Sun protection. It seems a logical next step for us, a long sleeve. 


Once we launch the long sleeve we’re not sure what will be next. The list is so long. We’ll go back to the drawing board and plan out our next 12 or so months. We also want to look at other colours and additional sizes. 

If we ever respond to you and say ‘it’s in the pipeline’ that’s not us just trying to get you off our backs. We have grand aspirations for Ottie Merino and we absolutely want to create a great range of merino clothing that people want to buy and live in. (That really is our goalto be your ‘go to’ merino and to make things you wear every day of the week because you love them so much.) But, it’s a gradual process and we don’t want to bite off more than we can chew and stuff up the quality or anything like that. 

Lots of exciting products in the pipeline. Keen an eye out. :) 

Update Nov' '21 - We now have merino underwear