Backorder/Pre-Order FAQs

So, you've trying to place an order but the 'add to cart' button says the product is on backorder or is for pre-order? Well, we've put together this little FAQ to help you out. 

What does backorder/pre-order even mean?

A backorder is when we have run out of stock but still have the product available for purchase. Our tees are in hot demand so this is a great way of getting dibs on your favourite size and colour before they sell out again. A pre-order is when you're purchasing a product before it comes into stock. This is how we launched Ottie Merino—we went out to the Australian hiking community and said 'if you support it, we'll make it' and they did, so we did. Now we have hundreds of customers (see our reviews here, here, and here) that are glad we did. 

When will my backorder/pre-order arrive?

The add to cart button should say. It'll say something like 'Backorder - Stock Arrives Late August'. If there are any changes to this we'll be sure to email you. 

I've ordered on pre-order before and there were delays. Will this happen again?

We hope not and if there are delays we will let you know as quickly as possible. To be honest, every one of our production runs has been affected (usually only by a couple of weeks) by a lockdown. We set a longer timeframe, and then it's blown out again. It's a challenging time to run a business and we're trying everything to get on top of this.

Feel free to drop us an email if you want to discuss this before placing an order. 

What's in an out of stock at the moment?

If you're on a product page and the button says 'Add to Cart' it's in stock. If it says 'Backorder' or 'Pre-Order' that means stock is coming. Here's some ETAs for the out of stock items. 

Men's & Women's Short Sleeve - Indigo, Plum, Otway Fern | End of August

Women's Long Sleeve - Plum | End of August

Men's & Women's Short Sleeve - Black | End of September 

Men's & Women's Long Sleeve - All Other Colours | End of September

Hope this helps. 

Why don't you just order more stock to avoid this from happening?

That's the ideal, for sure. We're putting in bigger orders with our manufacturer to hopefully ensure our core colours are always in stock. As for pre-orders, this is our way of funding a production run for a new product. While we'll always follow through and proceed with the new run even if we don't get as many sales for it as planned (we always do—thanks for that folks!) it's your way of saying 'I really want this, I really want to support a small, Australian business, here's my order ahead of time'.

How will I know my order is on its way?

You'll get a shipping notification with a tracking number.